How to Connect with Other Harrison Park Home Owners

3 Ways to Connect with Other Harrison Park Homeowners

This information distributed to HP residents 3/29/18.

Secured Online Directory on

Many homeowners in Harrison Park have called this home for many years and others for only a matter of months, and as our community is always changing we have attempted to keep a Directory available on our website,  (This isn’t a perfect avenue, but it is very inexpensive.) For log-in access or to change the information that you see listed for your family, please email

Private Facebook Page

If you are on Facebook and would like to join the Harrison Park Neighborhood group, search for “Harrison Park Association – Springfield, IL” and request to join. A current member of the group, who knows you are a resident of the neighborhood, can then allow you to join.

This has been a great avenue to post missing pets, found pets, looking for babysitter, and other things going on in the neighborhood.  It is labeled as “private” but by nature of social media, common sense in sharing details should always be used.

Google Groups

This is a new opportunity.  Google groups allows membership by invitation only and is a “forum” for posting documents (newsletters, etc) or for ongoing communication, all correspondence continues to be held there for future reference. New postings will prompt an email notification to you.  Look for an email invitation from Bill Stokes. You can then choose to join or not join and can also unsubscribe at any time.

Questions or comments, let me know…. Email is best  I’ll do my best to answer your questions or forward to others for assistance.