Landscaping Bid 2 of 4

Bid 2 of 4 on the landscaping updates to the subdivision entry.
Attached are a couple designs on plantings. The front I changed up so the amount of plants and shrubs would be fairly lateral in price. I designed one side and one section but each side and section would mirror the design. I am completely open to suggestions on changes. I also redesigned the little patio on the south end of boulevard just so you and the HOA can have a vision of it. What we discussed on redoing the aluminum edge with brick, top dressing trap rock, taking red mulch out, replacing with dark brown hardwood, planting the designed plants. We could get it done for 7350. I can back off some on the plants if the limit on budget is 7000. I will send an official estimate as soon as I can get everything plugged into our system. If you or any homeowners have questions, concerns or suggestions feel free to send them my way.